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Xirrus Inc Seminar About Accounting System Today

What’s new at XMC Asia? Xirrus Inc held a seminar about Accounting system through rising of Technologies. The seminar held in XMC Cafe Pasig City dated May 23, 2019. The following guests are came from different companies nearby and most of them are in line with accounting services.

This aim of the seminar is to share on how technologies changes accounting system in business today. It is because of the rising of various technologies innovation in the existence of digital world. Xirrus also introduces their services and other offered for the business. It is one of the leading provider of accounting software that specializes data program and other optimization. They also caters consultancy services for accounting and data migration for security and backups. Their services comes with implementation, training, and after sales support for all products to ensure the efficiency of the system.

Objective of the seminar is to encourage accounting workers to attain the fastest solutions in their system. They also includes the payroll system which plays a vital role as accounting management in a certain company. The seminar was hosted by different heads and manager of Xirrus Inc and it becomes interactive to the various guests. Truly, accounting system needs technologies for convenience, efficiency and accuracy.

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