About Us

XMC Group comprises of accounting and legal services experts specializing in providing accounting and compliance services to different kinds of business.

Having the right eXposure, eXperience and eXpertise, our FIRM aims to be your end to end service provider for all accounting, compliance and legal requirements in the Philippines at a fixed price to you.

We work closely with our clients and maintain strong relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. We aim at serving our clients with the utmost professionalism, quality service and maintains objectivity.


We aim to be your choice in your every business need.


To become exceptional service provider by building a UNIQUE business culture


Commitment, Teamwork and Cooperation

We are committed as a team to serve our clients.

Accountability and Integrity

We take responsibility for the decisions we make and we are accountable for the consequences.

Excellence and Success

We pursue excellence and success in giving solutions based on our experience and expertise.

Honest Communication

We are open, transparent and trustworthy when it comes to communicating with our clients.

Continuous Learning

We are well-informed of the latest processes and we continue to learn through exposure.

Consistency, Effectiveness and Efficiency

We are reliable, effective and efficient in providing our services to clients.

Balance and Fun

We maintain our happy vibe while balancing work and our passion.


We appreciate our clients’ response and we give thanks for every achievement that we have.


We all lead by example when getting things done and identifying the problems once they arise.

Humility and Respect

We stay humble and respect the decisions of our clients at all times.