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Understanding SAP Business One with Xceler8 Inc.

Last October 10, 2019 at XMC Asia, Xceler8 Technologies Inc. conducted a seminar regarding an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that offers a full need solution that help businesses address distinct business problems for their clients known as the SAP Business One.

SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) Business One allow businesses to track customer and business interactions. SAP is especially well-known for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that are designed to increase the client’s business profitability, efficiency and data management programs. It also streamlines business processes to minimize errors, redundancies and delays, allowing employees to do more in less time, accesses business-critical information instantly and get relevant insights out of this information for timely and sound decision making,  gains access to centralized information to manage customer communication easier and increase the chances of repeat buy, and implements a system that gives great value for money, is quick to deploy and implement, easy to learn, and simple to maintain.

The advantages of SAP Business One is that they are:

  • Globally competitive

Unlike other ERP system, SAP Business One is being used by more than 60 thousand companies in 150 countries. It can also capture all your business information in a single, scalable system, give answers to your key business questions with integrated business intelligence, and offer mobile employees access to software through an intuitive mobile application.

  • Affordable

One of the main issues of using an ERP system is usually the cost of implementing it.  However, as the need for a more affordable ERP becomes in demand, businesses can now avail more cost saving options.

  • User friendly

With the power of SAP HANA, SAP BUSINESS ONE reduce client’s analysis time by 70%. It is easy for customization based on the client’s business preferences. It Improve efficiency and productivity, keep track of client’s customers, Act on problems immediately, and Integrate easily.

  • Accredited by Bureau of Internal Revenue for Tax Compliance

 The BIR, through its Revenue Regulation No. 09-2009, has defined the requirements, obligations and responsibilities of Philippine taxpayers. This pertains to the use of electronic systems or the Computerized Accounting System (CAS) for record-keeping, maintenance of records and books of accounts. Specifically, this revenue regulation is relevant for large taxpayers, which since January 2010 have been required by the BIR to maintain a Computerized Accounting System. Compliance with BIR accounting standards is shown through the standard forms and reports used by the company. Some accounting software is not accredited by BIR.  All of these standard forms and reports are provided by the SAP System. Among the standard forms offered by SAP Business One is the purchase order, goods receipt PO, goods returns, A/P debit memo, A/P voucher, sales quotation, sales order, delivery, returns, A/R credit memo, AR invoice, incoming payment, goods issued and inventory transfer. And with the BIR module this software offers, companies can generate BIR-required reports in just a click or two which can readily be printed to the BIR-required document format.

If you want to learn more the new SAP Business One, you may contact Xceler8 Technologies Inc. at their telephone number – (02) 893 8888 or reach them via email at inquire@xceler8inc.com. And they also offer a free demo to those who will avail the system, you just have to register to request for a demo and they will work you through a personalized demo.

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