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R.M.C. No. 49-2020: Additional Options in the Acceptance and Processing of the Filed 2019 Income Tax Returns.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue issued a memorandum to provide additional options taxpayers in the submission of the filed 2019 Income Tax Return and its required attachments. Accordingly, the BIR provide two options to submit the said requirements.

Option 1: submit the attachments to AITRs to the nearest Revenue Collection Officer (RCO) notwithstanding Revenue District Office (RDO) jurisdiction.

Option 2: online submission via eAFS system of the BIR.

Submissions via eAFS will be provided a Transaction Reference Number which shall serve as proof of submission in lieu of manual “received” stamping. Taxpayers are advised to keep the original copies of the digitally submitted documents in accordance with Sec. 203 of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) for the period described under Revenue Regulations (RR) No. 17-2013.

For the full text of the circular please visit “bir.gov.ph”.

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