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The Difference Between Freelancer and Full-time Employee

In a company, there are people opt to work alone than working with a team. And there are people who wants to work in a body-body system. While employees have time to go in the workplace, there are also worker hates to spend time travelling to office. It is by the difference of work environment, resources, productivity, and benefits. What is the difference of full-time employee and freelancer? When it comes to competencies, who can get paid much greater by the company and who can be more productive? This article will show the difference of each entity.

Working Environment

A Freelancer can work with no pressure in their comfort zone. It is an advantage to them because of they have no grounds within surroundings. Otherwise, a full-time employee requires adjustment with their work ethics. It is in order to let other work productively with their balance in attitude.


Full-time worker can have a greater resources than freelancer. It is an advantage for a full-time employee because all resources will be provided in an instant in office. Through this resources, decisions can be solved as it is supervised by the boss. Unlike to freelancer, they will have to provide all resources alone.


Both are having the potential to be productive as it depends on their task management.


Most of the time, full-time employee is bounded only with the salary on signed contract. They are receiving the specific rate of the company was offered while freelancer can get as much as they can based on their work productivity.

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