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PHIC ADVISORY No. 2020-027: Extension of the Deadline for the Payment of Premium for All Direct Contributors

Following the announcement of extension of ECQ, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) issued Advisory No. 2020-027 to extend the deadline for the payment of premium for all direct contributors for the applicable months of February to April 2020 stating:

In light of President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of the State of Calamity and State of Public Health Emergency through Proclamation No. 922 and the recent directive to implement an extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in major cities in the country, PhilHealth remains one with the whole nation in ensuring the health and safety of all and prioritizing the protection of lives and livelihoods.

In these challenging times where the economy is witnessing the temporary suspension and closure of businesses, causing inevitable unemployment and loss of income, PhilHealth is issuing a moratorium on contribution payments for the applicable months of February to April 2020. Payment of premiums for these applicable months shall be extended until May 31, 2020 without interest for all Direct Contributors.

For Employers implementing a skeletal workforce arrangement, please ensure that employees with no earnings or income are properly reported using the RF-1. For Employers who have temporarily stopped operations, please submit an electronic copy of a properly accomplished ER-3 to your respective Accounts Officer.

Further inquiries may be referred to the PhilHealth Call Center at (02) 8441-7442 or through any of the PhilHealth Regional and Local Health Insurance Offices.

(Source: https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/advisories/2020/)

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