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In consideration to the current situation in our country, extending tax deadlines brings relief to every businesses and workers, especially to our accountants who usually handles tax compliances.

As a response to the pandemic, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) made its initial extension of tax deadlines on March 19, 2020, extending Income Tax Return (ITR) filing for the year ending December 31, 2019 to May 15, 2020 from its original deadline April 15, 2020. This extension is in contrast to the bureau’s first statement that they have no plans in extending tax deadlines despite the effect of pandemic.

In connection to the prolonged enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), two more extensions of deadlines were made as a way of limiting the spread of the virus which further extends ITR filing/payment to June 14, 2020.

Although some parts of the country are still under modified community quarantine (MCQ) and others under general community quarantine (GCQ), the BIR will no longer push back tax deadlines beyond the latest extensions.

“There’s still a quarantine. It’s just that we won’t allow an extension. The government needs funds,” according to Internal Revenue Deputy Commissioner Arnel Guballa, emphasizing that the government is highly in need to collect taxes to address the effect of the pandemic.

We cannot erase the fact that taxation is the lifeblood of the government. Without taxes, the government will be paralyzed and cannot do its duty — to protect its people. The government therefore has the right to compel us pay our taxes, most especially in this time of crisis.

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