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How do Filipinos Commemorates Lenten Season?

Lenten Season is where Filipinos reflects on the suffering and resurrection of Jesus. That is the main reason why Philippines is well known as a Christian-living country. How do Filipinos spend their time with this Lenten Season and what are the practices through this tradition?

During the Lenten Season, Filipinos have notably observing the Holy Week that usually falls under with the month of April. During Holy Week, various churches have their different programs for prayers, devotions and other religious practices that leads to remember the life of Jesus Christ to save us. Here are some religious activities made by Filipinos during Lenten Season.

Ash Wednesday– this religious activity is where Filipinos are placing ashes on the forehead that symbolizes inner repentance.

Palm Sunday– it is the first day of holy week where Filipinos remembering the day the Jesus have entered the Jerusalem and people acknowledged him by waiving palm branches. Once the mass has ended, the priest will bless the palm branches with the holy water.

Pabasa ng Pasyon– it is one of the Filipino practices where group of people normally takes turns to chant parts of the verses from the book known as Pasyon.

Cenacle– it also known as Senakulo where it is being executed on the streets, crowded places or other large areas. It is by having themselves crucified in public that symbolizes penance and resentment.

Visita Iglesia– it is the filipino tradition where they used to visit 7 churches having prayers and recite the following station of the cross.

It is such a good culture that Filipinos symbolizes the life and passion of Jesus to reflect how the salvation comes for all people. This Lenten Season reminds us the importance of love, hope, and the true meaning of our lives.

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