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Heart atTax: A Free Seminar by XMC Asia for Tax Awareness

XMC Asia hosted a free Tax Awareness Seminar dated 21 March 2019. The seminar has a theme “Heart atTax” where the core value of the seminar is the diverse perspectives in managing Income taxes and the duly mandated policy by the government concerning tax systems; these includes the following frameworks in computing the following charges of our tax. The seminar is facilitated by Ms. Lara Melissa D. Danao CPA, our Finance Team Lead.

The motivation behind the seminar is to expedite awareness to every employee in which their assessments functions and as to what are the diverse framework connected in deducting charges from our salary. The objective of the seminar is to educate on the most proficient method to process charge due as a worker and characterizes the distinction of taxable and non-taxable. Under the TRAIN Law that is being commanded by the nearby government, any independently employed individual can profit 8% Income Tax Rate on gross deals/receipt.

What’s more, the seminar goes through the diverse procedure on deducting charges to an individual most explicitly for businesses or sole owners in the Philippines.  Successfully, XMC Asia got the best takes to grant the essential information about Income Tax before it gets SHOCKED!

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